Rules and Regulations

  • Everyone must have a valid ticket or approved pass to enter the stadium. Anyone leaving the stadium will be required to purchase another ticket to re-enter the stadium unless they notify and receive prior approval from security or administrative personnel.

  • No air horns or other loud noise-making devices are allowed.

  • No outside food or drinks will be allowed.

  • No coolers or backpacks will be allowed.

  • No Purses/Bags will be allowed.

  • No inappropriate public language, unacceptable public behavior, or derogatory public remarks will be tolerated.

  • No smoking or tobacco use in or around the stadium.

  • Firearms or weapons of any kind are prohibited.

  • No spectators are allowed on the field/track at any time. Stadium security and administrative personnel will control field/track access. Please have your players and parents meet along bleacher rails or at the dressing room area after the game.

  • Sideline access during the contest requires a Field Pass (See Field Pass information for exceptions and how to request a Field Pass).

  • No standing or sitting in the aisles.

  • No standing or sitting along the rail between the stands and the field.

  • No loitering under the stands.

  • Crossover to the other side of the stadium will only be allowed with approval from security or administrative personnel.

  • No open flames or cooking grills can be operated in the parking lots or onside (unless an are of the stadium or parking lot has been designated and approved as a cooking area prior to a specific contest).

Note: Failure to comply with these rules will result in removal from the stadium.