Soccer – Boys Overview

Welcome to the home of the C.E. King Panthers Men’s Soccer Teams

The C.E. King Panthers Men’s Soccer Program is both a developmental and a competitive program. Our mission is to develop individual and team skills in a competitive training environment. The program is structured around the following beliefs:
  • Discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, goal setting, and the development of life skills are important personal characteristics that can be taught through soccer and the interaction with peers and coaches.
  • In order to be successful, high expectations must not only be set and followed by the coaching staff, but also by each and every player.
  • All athletes have unique qualities and personality traits that are derived from specific backgrounds and surrounding conditions.
  • Individual skill development is the responsibility of the player, while being fostered through a dedicated, professional coaching staff.
  • Participating in athletics is a privilege, not a right.

Program Goals:
Without personal goals, you cannot measure your progress or success. In the same way, without team goals, we will not be able to determine the progress and success of each season.

Goals should be realistic and attainable, but only with more than average work.  They should cause a little “pain” and challenge each player to reach just a little further than before. Goals should also be measurable so progress can be tracked as the season and years progress.

Personal goals and team goals will be created and reviewed each season based on the current conditions, personnel, and environment in which they occur.  However, listed below are our program goals as it pertains to the long-term success of our program.
  • Increase each player’s individual knowledge of the game of soccer.
  • Increase each player’s individual soccer specific techniques.
  • Grow players that challenge themselves and their teammates to improve.
  • Grow players that are in good physical condition and can compete against others.
  • Develop a competitive Varsity team that will result in an improved win-loss record.
  • Develop a competitive Junior Varsity team that will be the foundation and training ground for the Varsity team.
  • Develop a competitive freshmen team that will be the foundation and training ground for the junior Varsity team.
  • Develop a Junior High Program that will serve as the entry point into the Panthers Soccer Program and focus on player development.